When you compare apples with apples, anodising is cheaper than powder coating.

Everyone knows that anodising outperforms powder coating, now let’s show you why we are cheaper.

There are areas of confusion, about price, which need to be clarified

Extrusion Perimeter

Anodising, being an immersion process, covers the entire perimeter of the product while powder coating covers just the visible area. This leads to confusion when comparing prices.


So AWA has simplified the process by quoting PP which means you are comparing apples with apples.

PP Pricing

Anodisers WA will be measuring and applying a Square Meter Rate according to the Paint Perimeter (PP) instead of the anodising perimeter (AP). This will create a common base and allow accurate and fair comparison between anodising and powder coating.

Flattening the Price

In addition Anodisers WA is flattening the price to make it even more simple. It will be the same price for any colour. The price will only differ between micron levels

Cost Savings Through Efficiency

Anodisers WA

AWA Issue Warranties that are designed to protect the end client, which incorporates fabricating glazing products after anodising.

Anodising in full lengths then post fabricating makes the manufacturing process efficient and a lot cheaper.

Powder Coat (Supplier)

To ensure a warranty for the end user, glazing systems are required to be fabricated first, then powder coated after.

This means the windows and doors are left with unsightly holes, and will be inefficient for the contractor adding to the overall cost of the process.


Questions You Might Have Relating to Paint Perimeter

No, anodising will still apply to the entire extrusion. The same superior protection will apply. AWA  is just changing the way we measure so it aligns with powder coating finishes.

Aligning with powder coating allows the market to make a more accurate comparison between anodising and powder coating finishes.

Yes, all extrusion colours will be charged at the one ‘flat-rate’. based on micron thickness.

Only on quotes that have already been supplied for projects.

Customers will still need to advise AWA of the colour and microns on the Purchase Orders.

No. AWA does not offer gold anodising for glazing extrusions. Contact AWA for more information.

Extrusion Colour Range

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