Builders & Fabricators

Tender Stage

Did you know that anodising is more economic than powder coating?

Competitive tendering is commonplace in the construction industry and so it is important to access accurate information to ensure that pricing is based on actual industry feedback, rather than making assumptions, especially about cost (>> see Misconceptions). Becoming aware of the anodising process will help you to be more accurate at the tendering process.


RATES – AWA is able assist during this fast-tracked stage of providing cost estimates at this early stage. Rather than using rates it is better to provide sufficient information for accurate pricing which may include component shape and description, sizes and quantities as well as project information (for warranty purposes) such as project use, location and warranty requirements.

Given this information we can provide a quick turnaround regarding accurate pricing and delivery.

Have confidence in knowing that anodisers WA provides a delivery guarantee.


Choose The Correct Product To Suit The Purpose, For The Right Price

Australian Standards relating to external anodising simply fall into two main areas which relate to the atmospheric conditions, ie in simple terms, Mild (such as Metro Areas) and Extreme (such as coastal areas). AWA offers two products to suit these standards


25 Year Warranty

Surface Integrity/No Colour Loss

AS1231 – 2000


High Performance

35 Year Warranty

Surface Integrity / No Colour Loss

AS1231 – 2000


Production Stage


Early involvement with any project is preferred so that AWA can advise appropriately. We can advise on the necessary documentation to ensure the production trail and stages meet the needs of the building program.

Sourcing of Aluminium

The Lustre of anodising is a major benefit of anodising and quite often the reason for the architect’s choice. To be able to deliver the optimum visual result it is necessary to be certain of the substrate and so we are able to make recommendations with regard to sourcing of material. >>> see DESIGN FACTORS – ALUMINIUM SUITABLE FOR ANODISING

Delivery Guarantee

Being local, where all production is performed in WA delivery complications is not be compared to anodising interstate or overseas. AWA is able to provide a guarantee for delivery which is typically 7-10 working days. Systematically AWA informs our clients as to the current progress.

Project Samples

Typically AWA involves project samples and a calibrated colour range is agreed with the architect and established via project samples, these would be made available to the stakeholders involved typically the architect, the client and the builder and of course AWA – >>See QUALITY CONTROL

Client Manufacturing Factors

Like any finishing process, the anodising process is distinct. Aspects that affect anodising may include the use of dissimilar metals such as in welding also the overall size and shape of the component may impact on the economics involved so it is good to get advice at the earliest  (>> see DESIGN FACTORS)


The anodising process includes passing a current through the component during immersion in a bath filled with electrolyte. The electrical contact for this is necessary and important and is achieved by clamping or wiring methods. Prior to processing it is advisable to liaise with AWA to select the preferred method and to achieve the optimum result.

Installation Stage


AWA’s Quality Control process includes the necessary separation and protection for the finished components. As with any finished product is good to maintain ‘best practice’ throughout the construction stages to avoid damage. Anodising is an extremely hard surface however it may be subject to surface scratching. Special ‘Rubbing Blocks’ are available to alleviate these. For more severe damage, as with powder coating, spray touch-up paints are available but as warranty is challenged, the best approach is improved material handling.

Post Installation


In order to maintain Warranty cover any finish needs to be cleaned, throughout its life. Anodising has a major advantage over its competitors, in as much that as it weathers less, cleaning is required less frequently – >> see MAINTENANCE ROUTINE


Documentation is made available at this stage to record the necessary procedures and this would be become part of the OEM manual for the client.