Choosing the Right Finish – Make the SMART move

Choosing Architectural finishes of course is important in terms of decoration and visual effect but equally important is the aspect of PERFORMANCE, as buildings are to be built to last.

The choice of finish, for specifiers, is varied from anodised finishes to the use of powder coat each with its own appeal, however AnodisersWA became aware that often anodised finishes, were being ‘switched’ to an alternative powder coat finish, at the procurement stage, based on incorrect information, resulting in wrong perceptions about anodising.

So for a fair comparison it is important to know what is being offered in terms of performance, in order to achieve the best economic outcome and to avoid the costly exercise of over-specifying

So below is an explanation of the options.

If a 20-25 yr warranty (Durable) finish is required, then compare standard powder coat finishes (Duratec, Electro or Ultriva) with a Durable anodised finish called Exterior SMART. This finish offers a 25yr Surface /25yr Colour warranty with a thickness of AA20 (16-20micron) which conforms to Australian Standards AS 1231-2000.

Make the SMART move – Up to 19% SAVINGS can be achieved when specifying Durable Finishes, for normal environments.

For harsher environments, such as coastal, where a longer warranty is required AnodisersWA offers Exterior PLUS (Ultra Durable) anodised finish which provides a 35yr Surface/35yr Colour warranty, compared to Fluorset or Fluormax powder coat finishes which offer 30yr Surface/25yr Colour.

For harsher environments – Up to 66% SAVINGS can be achieved when specifying Ultra Durable Finishes

Anodised Finishes provide LUSTRE and LONGEVITY at the RIGHT PRICE.

Further savings can be factored in when considering maintenance see – Warranty Information