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Exterior Description Atmospheric Classification Thickness Grade Cleaning Intervals Sample Locations
Mild 3 15 Micron 12 Months Outback Australia
Rural Communities (Not Coastal)
Moderate 3 15 Micron
20 Micron
25 Micron
9 Months Adelaide
New Zealand (Excl. Coastal Locations )
Tropical 4 25 Micron 9 Months North Queensland (Coastal)
Northern Territory (Coastal)
North West Western Australia (Coastal)
Severe 5 25 Micron 6 Months New South Wales
Coast Queensland
Coast South East
Coast of South Australia
South West Coast of Western Australia
Heavy Industrial Areas

Remember that when you are purchasing or specifying a product for anodising, by asking for a coating thickness according to the standard, you will ensure that your product will stand the test of time. Note: Visit the anodising web site www.anodising.org.au for further information.