Learn More About Anodising

Our Background Is Anodised Aluminium

Anodising is an essential process for the building and construction industry, and it has been in use for roughly 60 years

Anodisers WA were early adopters of this process, and we’ve provided anodised solutions to Western Australia for a substantial portion of those six decades.

As such, we consider ourselves to be a regional expert in the anodising process. Since our founding – which took place almost 50 years ago – we’ve gone on to become a leading provider of aluminium anodising for the Australian market.

Anodisers WA provide layers between 10 to 25µm in thickness. This process is used to provide improved surface resistance to wear and corrosion, or as a decorative layer. It’s ideal in Western Australia, where the elements can take their toll on exposed surfaces.

In the electrolytic process, the components to be treated are turned into an anode in a dilute acid solution. Oxidation occurs at the component surface, resulting in the formation of a coherent oxide film that adheres to the underlying aluminium substrate.

Benefits of Anodising

These are the long-term benefits of anodising:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Colour does not fade in sunlight
  • Does not emit VOCs
  • No heavy metals used in the process
  • Completely recyclable
  • Longer warranty available

If you are interested in learning more about the anodising process or would like to know if our aluminium anodising solutions are well-suited to your situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via the website or call us on (08) 9337 7644.